I'm a computer science student at the University of Georgia. I founded the University of Georgia Small Satellite Research Laboratory, which has recived grants from the USAF and NASA to build UGA's first two satellites. The first satellite, SPOC - the SPectral Ocean Color satellite, is slated to launch to the space station some time in 2018. The second satellite, MOCI - Mapping and Ocean Color Imager, does some fancy computer graphics things. Check out my research page of details about these satellite systems or their missions. I also worked at NASA Johnson on an audio telemetry system for the Orion Spacecraft. I spoke at TEDxUGA about the future of space exploration regarding small satellites and citizen science. I was one of the original founders of UGA's hackathon program, known as UGA Hacks. I lead the team that won UGA's first hackathon title. This eventually became the company known as Astrovisual, techicanlly Scientific Space Systems LLC. I have worked as a beta tester for Google Glass and helped make the first musical score viewing app for the device. In my free time I'll mod my terminal, play with my old IBM PS/2, play kerbal space program, or eat Taco Bell.

Feel free to checkout my twitter, github, stackoverflow, or linkedin.